The Enrichment Weekly: Spirit, Truth, & Deliverance (Free Edition)

On Behalf Of Life Enterprises | Consultations With Na-Asia, I Bring You This Special Edition Of The Enrichment Weekly. I Pray For You, Grace & Deliverance, Yielding Fruit Of Every Good Thing From Above. Presenting Spirit, Truth, & Deliverance *This Issue Is Free   Spirit The source of our power and everything that we are is … Continue reading The Enrichment Weekly: Spirit, Truth, & Deliverance (Free Edition)

Fasting Mentality & Survival Essentials

Fasting Abstinence from food or drink or both for health, ritualistic, religious, or ethical purposes. The abstention may be complete or partial, lengthy, of short duration, or intermittent. Fasting has been promoted and practiced from antiquity worldwide by physicians, by the founders and followers of many religions, by culturally designated individuals (e.g., hunters or candidates for initiation rites), and by individuals … Continue reading Fasting Mentality & Survival Essentials