The Enrichment Weekly 1.8: Freedom To Be Part Three (Final Installation)

A Complimentary New Year Installation.

Freedom Is Truly, The Liberty To Move Forward, Upwards & To Remain.

– Khsda Ammaym

The Best, Yet Least Experienced Attribute Of All The Joys Of Living, Is Freedom. It Is Often Limited, Time Bound Or Contingent Upon Physical Abilities.

Every Individual Must Take Into Account What Liberties They Have The Ability To Influence & How To Effectively Make That Influence. This Is Often The Difference Between The Person Who Achieves Their Wildest Dreams & The Person Who Does Not. The Mindset That Is Most Often Neglected, Yet Chronically Assumed Is The Belief That Decisive Verdicts Have Inherently Been Made By External Powers & The Only Option Is Concession To Powerlessness. The Phenomenon Is, This Is Learned Behavior.

One Of The Most Crucial & Most Active Standards Of How & Why L. I. F. E. ENTERPRISES CONSULTATIONS Exists Today & Even The Very Life Of Its Creator Is Due To The Absolutely Maniacal, Unsympathetically Unyielding, Violent & Completely Ferocious Defeat Of Powerlessness. The Unpretty Pursuit Of Freedom & Independence. Toot Toot.

I Guarantee I Made A Lot Of People Angry. Though, Isn’t Someone Always Angry When Freedom Isn’t Given & Must Be Seized?

Freedom To Be, Is Simply Freedom. Yet, It Is Also The Pursuit Of Freedom, Which Is Never Free.

I Am Vexed With How Lost From Humanity We Seem To Be. The Further And Farther We Go, The More We Are Anecdote-ing Ourselves Into A Permanent Stuper. I Want To Articulate It So People Understand, Maybe Listen, To Halt Or Save A Division Of Humanity From The Inevitable Tragedy Of Irreparable Disconnection, Self-Loathing & Contempt.

I Have Come This Far To Teach Freedom, The Facets Of It & Its Attainment, To Be Qualified As Such & Have Experienced It, Is In Essence, A Victory, An Endearment & An Honor.

A Client Of Mine After Having Sessions Revealing A Clear Pattern Of Environmentally Induced Trauma, Sent Me An Email Calling An End To Our Sessions & Detailing A Reversion That I Knew, Would Assure A Confident Descent Into A Continued Traumatic Spiral… A Continued Whirlwind. From Her Perspective, She Was Taking Control.

What Was Most Disappointing Was Not Her Death Grip To Excuses And The Dumbing Down Of Our Work Together, But The Audacity To Speak As If They Were Her Own Words. Someone Intercepted Her Thought Growth, Told Her What Her Life Should Look Like & She Chose To Please Them. Before Any Proper Reply Or Severance Could Be Made, She Became “Busy”.

My Definition Of Busy Is Cluttered, Clogged & Taking Twice As Long To Arrive. I Have My New York Roots To Attribute This To. People Are Always “Busy” When They Lose Sight Of Every Good Thing That Exists. People Are Always “Busy” Instead Of Making Time For What Matters. I Learned A Long Time Ago, “Busy” Gets You Nowhere. It Is Counterproductivity Disguised As Progress. Another Client Tried To Enslave Me [Exactly]. However, I Wish Both Of These Young Women Well.

This Year I Venture Toward Something Different. A Change From Seeking Clients To Pay For Changes That They Do Not Desire To Make. A Change From Needing People To Understand That Business Is Business & A Change From Accepting Everyone As A Client Who Requests To Be One.

This Is The Serene Take On My Ability To Live Apart From The Need To Earn Income, Because I Have My Own Path & Freedom. Economic Slavery Isn’t My Ordained Path & There Are No Sorries Here.

What Remains Is The Choice To Move Forward, Upwards Or To Remain. The Choice To Be Complete Or To Progress. So Here Are Three Keys.

Three Keys To A Bright 2021

  1. Be Properly Coachable. Be Coachable By The Right People. Know Where You Want To Go & Who Can Get You There. Opinions Are The World’s Smorgasbord.
  2. Cultivate Mutually Beneficial Relationships. Relationships Should Not Be The Standalone Standard. Being Healthy In Mind Creates The Necessity Of Healthy Relationships.
  3. Nurture Within Your Own Skin. Before Seeking External Validation, Secure Your Internal Validation. Improve Your Health & Mind.

This Is The Beginning Of 2021. The New Is Always Up To You & I.

I Invite You To Join In The March Forward To Freedom.

The Freedom Journey Continues.

Define Your Journey

In Solidarity,

Na-Asia E.

Thank You For Reading.

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