The Enrichment Weekly: Love Essentiality Not Accessory (Free Edition)

On behalf of L. I. F. E. Enterprises | Consultations With Na-Asia, I bring you this special edition of The Enrichment Weekly. I pray for you, the light from above and every good thing that love will bring. Ahman.


Love: Essentiality Not Accessory

*This Issue Is Free


Where are you on your Love Journey?

Does love categorically represent an essentiality or an accessory in your life?

Where does love rank in your journey to success, wealth, and/or fame?

What are we taught to prioritize?

Societally, the most acceptable order of occurrence is:

Wealth-> Fame -> Love

This is taught universally, even though most wealthy and /or popular people struggle to find real and/or pure love and find multiple relationships, divorces, and panning for suitors, more readily. (See American marriage and divorce statistics, research wealthy marriages)

Clearly, something was corrupted along the way, but what, why, & for what purpose? While poverty is not the recipe for love, coincidentally or not, most couples who marry before wealth / fame remain together. I venture to ask if people lost the essentials and began to pan for the accessory.




What if establishment took the place of wealth, and love was allowed to live as designed, freely?

Establishment meaning a sound footing & life direction.

An established person with ample room to grow and a clear path has nothing to lose to a financially successful person, with a rigid mentality in little space to internally grow.

Did you know love was innately within us and inherent to our nature as human beings?

Did you know it is essential to Freedom? See Volume 1.2 Freedom To Be Part One for more in-depth coverage.

If it is innate and if it is inherent, why then do we force it into certain places such as convenience and affordability? If you have to afford him/her first… Is that an equally yoked, ordained connection? Again, not saying poverty is the answer… However, perfection never was.





A depressed millionaire with no children, loved ones, or true friends is a successful person by society’s standards.

A six-figure earning executive with no time to enjoy their family or give quality time to their spouse and is surrounded by issues is still a successful person by society’s standards.

A minimum wage worker with sound faith, family, and overall zeal for life is not a successful person by society’s standards.

I am not a successful person by society’s standards and I just had a whole conversation with Elohim before I wrote this. Actually we’ve been talking for weeks!

For most, this is not an indication of true success as much as the namesake a bank account can give a person. Along with other familiar platforms of recognition.

When it comes to character, based upon the information given in the individual scenarios which of the three you believe has the best character?




Reality, Set In

Our standards of relationships have grown superficial via superficial sensationalism toward ourselves and others. This is why a societally successful person is suitable for marriage and making heirs and a societally poor person must do better first. This is why meeting new people is, in most cases restricted to meeting prerequisite requirements. There is much less faith, much more finances, as faith is certainly a substantial offering, “tithe”, or charitable endowment.

The interesting fact is that it never takes a single cent for a person to be created or born. We were created without the need for a deposit, credit or reference check, and without a status. A new world represents the exact opposite of this, when science and technology progression exceed basic humanity.

Today, the generation places worth on status, the ability to assimilate, and accessory. Regard for life and the trials of others has declined precipitously, while suicide, for example, is regarded as an act of low-class and ungratefulness. Sad people are disregarded like defects to normalcy rather than the deeper, greater issue. Lack of compassion. Lack of love. Only a media representation, to supersede actual life acts of love and sincerity.

I have failed at love once. I failed to believe it at first. I came to believe it was supposed to be an accessory, not an essentiality.


My Testimony

During my dating exploits, thankfully short-lived and now gone forever. I didn’t see anything wrong with paying 1,000 plus dollars for a good looking man to be handpicked and placed on my platter of specifications. Simply a matter of the right qualities, and love was easy. Additionally, playing the swipe game (yes, yes, yes, no, no, noooooo).

I have also gone to some low lengths for affection. I could say it was all for love, but I wonder if it was all the accessory. I know some of it was.

Personally, I have taken a vow to love one person no matter what, to not adulterate love further; this of course, after A LOT of my “talks” with my father, Élohim. I always wanted a full package and to not negotiate its totality. Because of this, I arrived to be the woman worthy of what I wanted from a husband, soul mate, and life partner.

Honestly, My highly selective nature & purest ideologies, make lifelong singleness a completely viable option for me to live with! I am not one to trial and err with different hearts or people. Because of my work & Faith I am grateful & proud to receive the Vision I came into this world with.

Many will settle for as many pieces they can fit on a board rather than a complete set. This is merely my acknowledgment of a new era of my life and my dedication to a greater journey. A great sage is my destiny, spiritually and naturally. For society, the fruit is as you see.



Know This

Love is not configurable. Accessories are. Love is not shelfable. Accessories are. Love is not priced according to status. Accessories are. To treat love as an accessory is the same to abuse and to lose. Accessories are prevalent and frequently taken as genuine article.




Hopefully today that changes for the better.

Hopefully this inspires you to bring love to essentiality.

Hopefully you do not lose love to accessory.

An essentiality is exactly that, essential.


May Spiritual & Ordained Matches Be United.

May Essentiality Thrive In Grace.




Lift, Inspire, Free & Empower In All You Can. Farewell.

In Solidarity,

Na-Asia E.

Founder & CEO

Cultivating Self Enterprise Ambassadors

Lifting, Inspiring, Freeing, & Empowering. Cultivating Ambassadors Of Self Enterprise Universally

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  1. Hi, I do believe this is a great blog. I stumbledupon it 😉 I’m going to come back yet again since i have book marked it. Money and freedom is the greatest way to change, may you be rich and continue to help other people.


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