Assets & Shortcomings

We All Fall Short.

Whether it be acute or chronic, it happens.

It can often elicit a degree of pain when it does. However, it can have a mediative effect on the future and what happens down the line. Most of all, it can be the greatest contribution to growth and development to each of our individual assets.

How is this so? For conceptualization, let’s use the physical example of fitness.

In fitness, a well developed muscle or set of muscles is considered an asset. However, the development and accentuation wouldn’t and couldn’t form without conditioning. Conditioning is exactly what is required to indeed conquer the weight, reps, and distances foreseen.

For those of you who say you haven’t any muscle, no person could walk, run, move, or even speak without muscles. We are all born with muscles!

Now, consider your assets your already developed muscle tone, and consider your shortcomings your conditioning requirement.

Perhaps the struggle has been that you only credit your shortcomings and you have not accounted for your assets; Or that you have simply, yet to, develop the assets that you see others possess.




Often in society, we spend more time in environments that do not highlight our assets, but do the opposite; resulting in our dissatisfaction, unhappiness, & feeling of inadequacy. Here is a truth, in most cases our assets are revealed in environments where we are doing things that matter to us, & make us happy. Even if it is simply resilience.

Resilience is one of the greatest assets one could have. While it is considerately revealed in times of adversity, it is also often not considered by the person who retains this asset. Do Consider That.

What Do You Need To Do To Succeed Your Goal, Despite Your Perceived Shortcomings?

A. Do your best to identify and know your shortcomings.

Write it down, and complete it with a solution & asset.

B. Utilize your assets to over-minimize your shortcomings.

Not only you, but everyone should see the water in the glass & not the half of empty space.

C. Discover outlets that further buffer the negatives. Here are a few to get you on the right track:

1. Time

Time it is in excellent buffer. It allows space to plan, change, rearrange, and improve. Having more time to dedicate to a project or desired outcome wins bounds.

2. People

People can be used to assist and influence in ways that you generally do not find affect in. They can lend hands on projects, help meet deadlines, expand & tap into your six degrees of freedom.

3. Tools, Technology, & Transfers

Tools aid use completion of heavy tasks and or speeding up the time it takes to complete them.

Technology is an expansive extension of this. Services and expertise exist all over to assist men and women accomplish what they have set their minds to accomplish. It is an amazing tool and asset.

Delegate a portion or completely transfer the lead to a more capable party, IF it does not diminish you, your intentions, goals, or your personal growth. Some things can be gifted to another and some things require us to grow into their completion. It is essential to differentiate between each and take the action needed. Gifting your growth away is not the move, my friend… not the move.

Shortcomings have a negative connotation attached to them. Most people do not like to acknowledge inadequacy or deficiency. Our assets are what we desire to convey to the world.

Shortcomings do not have to remain shortcomings. Just as assets can be changed, so resonates with shortcomings. The vital perspective is that we understand them and that they are both representations of growth.

The perfection ideal is highly faulty and incredibly risky; To yourself and those around you. Perfection is for Heaven & we do not have to be.


& Friend, not having to be perfect is Definitely A Positive.


Thank You For Reading


In Solidarity,

Na-Asia E.


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