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Abstinence from food or drink or both for health, ritualistic, religious, or ethical purposes. The abstention may be complete or partial, lengthy, of short duration, or intermittent. Fasting has been promoted and practiced from antiquity worldwide by physicians, by the founders and followers of many religions, by culturally designated individuals (e.g., hunters or candidates for initiation rites), and by individuals or groups as an expression of protest against what they believe are violations of social, ethical, or political principles.

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The absolute and most important component of any endeavor of fasting is the purpose the fast serves. It stands the conductive force to drive subsequent actions and prevailing outcome of the endeavour entirely.

When you begin your fast, have a goal and purpose in mind.

Intended Purpose Versus Called Purpose

Consider occasions varying from initial intention. There are times where our goal is not where we are guided. Making room for the natural assimilation as opposed to controlling the assimilation is very important. How you begin may not be the end.

Consider the quote by Norman Vincent Peale, shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the Stars.

In other words, be open-minded and allow good things to pour in.

Good Stewardship

The central paradigm of fasting is good stewardship. You are fasting as a symbol of your sovereignty and ability to progress or level up. This is only symbolized through your ability to maintain your health and stay committed during your fasting period. Even if you are fasting in reflection of a somber time in history.

The facets of the stewardship are vital and include:

• Staying hydrated throughout the day

• Eating adequately and nutritionally at the appointed time

• Not cheating and expecting great results to follow

• Praying and meditation (Spiritual Fasts)

Not A Weight Loss Program

Fasting for the goal of weight loss is one of the worst paradigms to cultivate. Weight loss is a health Journey that should combine healthy diet and exercise not starvation. Moreover, traditional fasting is temporary and is not a long-term practice. Whereas a healthy diet is. Fasting (without food) for weight loss is deprivation that escalates to yo-yo dieting and weakening the body. A poor diet is not remedied by waiting longer to eat poor foods. However, there are three options that can be used for weight loss which will be disclosed later in this article.

There Is No Fast Without Water

(Except Extreme & Short Fasts Limited To 3 Days Or Less)

There are too many cases of individuals fasting, fainting, and going to the hospital, then using the excuse, “my doctor told me I could not fast anymore”. Self-maintenance is Paramount. It is a component of good stewardship. Hydrate throughout the day and eat variety at the appointed time.

Loading up on McDonald’s to get you through is not self maintenance. Water, salad, fruit, nuts, along with a nutritional meal at the appointed time is good stewardship over yourself maintenance.



Tips For A Fast-paced, High-energy Life

1. There Is No Fast Without Water

There is no fast that does not include water, except extreme and short fasts limited to 3 days or less. This is number one and essential, especially crucial for fast that remove food completely. You must drink water. Keep yourself healthy and functioning by drinking water regularly.

2. Waking Up Before Sunrise To Eat Pre / Post Workout

If you exercise regularly and your exercise is restricted to mornings, waking up earlier to eat is recommended to keep you boosted until sundown. Even if you do not work out, this may be an option for new fasters to keep you from the feeling of being deprived and / or depressed, until you develop the proper mindset. If you have selected a water fast that removes food completely I recommend you cease hardcore workouts for fast that last more than 10 days. *Only a seasoned (veteran) faster should make a Water Fast More Than 3 Days*

Moving your workouts to evening is another option coupled with sundown meals.

3. Food Variety Load Up

For a Water Fast or Mashiakh Fast (no food whatsoever), your preparation can be done before you begin to make sure you do not enter the fast deficient. Plan and get your food variety. Make sure you enter in a Warrior to exit a Victor.

4. Prepare Food In Bulk

If you live a fast-paced high energy life, cooking a full meal every night may very well be the last thing you want to do. Setting your meals for the week will ensure you will never fall behind in yourself maintenance, especially if eating out is not an option. (For example if you are fasting from restaurant & fast food purchases)

5. General Tip: If You Are Fasting From Animal Products, Return Slowly

You. Will. Get. Sick. So don’t reach for the t-bone on day one back to normal life. Gradually introduce these to your purified stomach.


There are different types of fasts an event individual or group can make:

Complete Fast / Diagnostic / Dry – No food or water for a short time up to 3 days. May be doctor prescribed (Diagnostic).

Water Fast or Mashiakh (Messiah) Fast – Water only fast. May be doctor prescribed up to 3 days (Diagnostic).

Up to 40 days (Messiah Fast)

Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days.

Evening / Sundown / Sunset / Daily – All restrictions lifted after sunset until sunrise of the following morning for fasts lasting more than 24 hours. Recommended not to exceed 60-days.

*Whole Foods / Earth-grown And Raw Fast – Can be done for weight loss. Vegan & Raw Vegan Fasting

*Juice Fasting – Consumption of juice varieties. Can be done for weight loss.

*Fasting From Select Areas – Ex., fasting from junk food. Can be done for weight loss.

Fasts Can Be Taken For Single Day, Short Span, Intermittent Length, & Continuous Length Periods

Information On Varied Classifications Of Types & Lengths Are Available Via An Array Of Online Resources.

If you would like to make a spiritual fast or have questions about the information you have received, you may contact me with any questions or assistance you might need. All the best to you on your journey.


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