The Enrichment Weekly: Volume 1.7 Completion

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The Enrichment Weekly was launched in two tiers. If you are newer to the journey, not to fear…access to Issues 1-7 will remain available and free. Links will be provided below.

As for today’s entry, may a sense of clarity, alignment, & access to your elevated state of being and your genuine desires be made available.

Thank you for taking the time to read and contemplate. May your walk be ever strengthened & uplifted. Now, On to the content!


Volume 1.7 Completion

You Are Complete.

There is a difference between finished and complete… Finished means, there is something you are holding onto… Means you will come back to it later. Complete means, you no longer have the desire [or need] to return. – Iyanla Vanzant

Most of us are taught to believe and view completion as walking all of the steps or checking off a list.

Perhaps completion is, at least one of 2,000 receiving your message and being ignited to radical change.

Perhaps it is receiving that email from the chamber of commerce, finally.

Perhaps it is accepting who you are, no matter what you have had to lose to discover it.

Perhaps completion is, right now in this moment, despite what you earned or did not.

Perhaps it comes down to, if you ceased to exist this day, what regrets you would carry about being complete and if you can change it. If the change is even welcomed.

You are complete. Rest in that.

A 25k race you’ve been randomly and forcibly entered into is beginning. You aren’t a runner, (You’d much prefer a kick boxing tournament) you don’t like running, you aren’t too great of a runner, and you don’t want to run, but you are an optimistic person who doesn’t run away from challenges.


You start running. Are you expected to make it to the end? Are you expected to cross the 25k finish line on foot?



Of course, you don’t have to be in first place but you must cross the finish line. You are expected to cross that finish line and complete the race by good old-fashioned guts and tell the story of how you are never expected to win but you did. That is, for adequate value to be reflected.

That’s completion. That is becoming. Running on the fumes of your determination to be a finisher.

It does not matter that you did not want to run. It did not matter that you were not trained for it. All that mattered were the fumes of determination you huffed completing every step.

After everyone has seen and validated your near-death push for glory, accolades and praises, maybe then you will rest.


The Hebraic New Year is to commence in a few short weeks, where the holiday of Pesach is commanded of the people. In this, I am reminded of one of the first acts as Creator of Heaven and Earth.

It is written that the Heaven and the Earth were created in six days and that a day of rest was sanctioned by that very Creator on the seventh day. Many call this a Sabbath. At this point the Heaven and Earth were completed. (Genesis 1-2:3, KJV; 1-2:3 Bereishit, TNK)


It is also thought that we spontaneously combusted into humanity in earthly form. That it has taken billions of years for us to arrive at our current point in time.

While the second is an attractive premise I do not believe in evolution as a soul theory.

Nevertheless, the earth was completed. Without the cars we drive today, the currency we use to maneuver, or the media we require to socially identify.

Our completion may even appear antiquated.

You are complete. Rest in that.


Is there a rule exclaiming that by the end of our lives, we do and complete a certain number of specific type of tasks?

Is what we do vital or just that we complete something?

Are our lives ranked based upon this number, order of precident, and importance?

How would this weigh on Completion?

It Would Decimate Our Individual Contributions & Identities.

So for the final open issue of the enrichment weekly let us review what we have completed thus far, that we may garner completion and rest.

Volume 1.1 Lifting & Empowering To Cherish

Volume 1.2 Freedom To Be Part One

Volume 1.3 Radical Change Making 101

Volume 1.4 Freedom To Be Part Two

Volume 1.5 Faith & Love In Practice

Volume 1.6 Accessing New Chapters

Volume 1.7 Completion

You Are Complete. Rest In That.

This Week: Write if you noticed any changes, allowed [me] good news to pour into your life, or have any new perspectives to speak of, and know that You Are Complete.

Have A Lifting, Inspiring, Freeing, & Empowering Week To You All!

In Solidarity,

Na-Asia E.

Founder & CEO

L. I. F. E. Enterprises

Lifting Inspiring Freeing & Empowering. Cultivating Ambassadors Of Self Enterprise Universally

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