The Enrichment Weekly: Volume 1.6 Accessing New Chapters

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Welcome To Volume 1.6 Of The Enrichment Weekly. It is my hope that with today’s issue, you will gain a sense of clarity, alignment, & access to your elevated state of being and your genuine desires. Thank you for taking the time to read and contemplate the subject presented before you. Continue The Journey To True Self Enterprise & Subscribe. Your Journey Awaits. May your walk be ever strengthened & uplifted.


Volume 1.6 Accessing New Chapters

New Chapter Anyone?

Yes, Please?


In analysis of the “New Chapters” section of life, it’s many facets, and with the beginning of the new year, I thought it, the perfect message to follow through in this volume.

*Side Note* Book Title: Life & It’s Many Facets (?) Where do we get this stuff?

Greatness Lies Within The Human Ability To Start Fresh & Anew

Na-Asia E.

It’s the end of January and for most, resolutions have been foregone and trampled over by habits and resistance to change. I am extremely impartial to change. Change is kryptonite for me. Utter Kryptonite. However, the extensive understanding of change’s inevitable condition and necessity seem to keep me on track ±80% of the time. Gratefully.

One amazing facet to the new year is that, as masters and facilitators of our fate, we have the unmitigated pleasure of plotting and setting our new chapters. Our journey receives divine course correction based upon our ready, willingness, and our divine calling; but for the most part, we get to employ being in the driver seat!

Understanding Readiness

Readiness – there are few feelings worse than not being ready when you feel like you need to be productivity-wise and progress-wise.

Is the project ready? Are the specs ready? Will the campaign be ready?

The World Of Ready: Questions already posed, before being ready even opted toward you. Are you ready for the big game?

How often are you ready for your presentation or your moment?

If your answer is never, the good news is, you have everything you need to understand how to be ready.

If your answer is “always” or “most times”, the good news is, you will likely take on something new, unseen, and unfamiliar. Are you indeed ready for a new adventure?

If your answer is no, the good news is, you have everything you need to understand how to be ready.

For the unready, the answers lie in your previous actions and accounts. Within each and every experience, there are clues left to enter our new experiences and new endeavors. What seems to be the action or lack thereof that hinders you from progress?

What would it take to change the action or lack thereof that hinders you from your progress?

One of the keys to understanding your readiness and accessing your new chapters is understanding and recognizing your PR; your past actions – in actions you’ve taken, repetitions – in times you have had to repeat the same actions and experiences, and results – the outcomes of your experiences, repetitions, and actions. Similar to how corporations assess and progress to increase revenue and productivity.

Your PR.


Help yourself to some understanding and assess your personal corporation. Your Life Corporation. Your PR.

If you want small changes, work on your behavior; if you want quantum-leap change, work on your paradigms.

-Stephen R. Covey

Your PR department will assist you in Understanding Your Readiness for New. We hold the key to unlocking our hindrances (as a gate).

Ready to move and do something amazing
Ready to do what I have to
Ready to do what I need to
Ready to be change
To be made
To be Redemption
I am ready to know how good this life can get
How good this world can be
I am ready for me
I am ready for my best and unapologetic me.

Remember that not being ready for one thing does not mean you are not ready for another.


Accessing New Chapters

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