The Enrichment Weekly: Volume 1.5 Faith & Love In Practice

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Welcome To Volume 1.5 Of The Enrichment Weekly. It is my hope that with today’s issue, you will gain a sense of clarity and alignment to your state of being and your future desires. Thank you for taking the time to read and contemplate the subject presented to you. Continue The Journey To True Self Enterprise & Subscribe. Your Journey Awaits. May your walk be ever strengthened & uplifted.


Volume 1.5 Faith & Love In Practice

Have you ever taken a breath then thought to yourself “My Breath!?😱 Am I going to miss my next breath!? What am I going to do if I miss this breath?!” Then broken into hysterical tears for fear of potential loss and uncertainty?

For most of us, the answer is no.

For most of us this will never occur, thankfully.

Instead, each of us, in our prime or otherwise, will simply… inhale.

(inhale in though your nose with me)

And consequently exhale

(Exhale like aaaahhhh with me)


Take Another Moment To Inhale. And Exhale.




Ahhh, was that good? (Toooooo good)


Most simply expressed, what an inevitable and reoccurring expression of Faith & Love?

Love for you, your body, your mind, and where you exist paradoxically. Faith that without a hitch, your next breath will undoubtedly greet you (Unless you’re sparring… or I make you choke on your coffee today. I’ve kept my outrageous nature to a minimum this morning, so you’re good 😋).

Since, when we breathe, we engage Love and Faith, could we extend these systematically executed behaviors beyond bodily functions?

To extend these practices beyond our bodily functions would actively sync and transform our immediate energy.

In most instances, Love and Faith are assumed to be actively engaged behaviors. In some cases, they very much are.

Like expressing your love to someone in thoughtfulness or giving, and engaging your faith to arrive at a particular place or destination, perhaps by a certain time or event. Especially in Houston’s traffic. Or enaging faith that your dreams, goals, and vision will come to fruition.

However, to contrarily assume Faith & Love as passively engaging metaphysical behaviors, and allow a deep subconscious flow of these behaviors will inevitably and certainly align, as well as deepen, your actualization and realization of these behaviors. Such as the actualization and realization that you breathe every breath, systematically.

You may even begin to feel the naturally occuring ease of flow now.



Faith & Love are no longer acts we take, or conscious efforts to be made, in order to achieve a perceived level of attainment.  Faith & Love exist as naturally occurring characteristics of our existence. They are activated and stregthened by natural alignment, like when you breathe. Our acts of faith and love then become acts of our existence. Natural mechanisms of who we are. They just are, as we are. Aú Naturál.

Perhaps you have been working to increase your faith. Maybe it has been difficult to understand love the way you truly desire to…or the difficulty has arisen in your ability to express these behaviors.

Developing Faith & Love this week, is about aligning to their consistent and always present nature within ourselves.

Love, as discussed and endeavoured in Issue 1, is one of the building blocks of freedom. An ingredient gifted to us with our creation.

Faith is an inevitable commodity of the spirit of Love. What is there to faith into without the essence of love to beckon it’s acquiescence?




Getting Into Faith & Love Alignment Through Breathing


What is your most natural breathing state? Is it heavy, agressive, huffing and puffing? Is it extremely quick, timid and shifty, shallow breathing? Think about how you would breathe in a deep, deep sleep.

The state where you rest. Where you simply rest. Your mind, your body, your breathing are all at rest.

This is the state where your body does ±80% of it’s healing. We only improve around ±20% while we are awake. We spend most of the time breaking ourselves down, which is why we need nightly rest.

If the body is healing at a rate ±60% more efficiently than when you are awake, this must be your body’s most natural state. It’s the most consistently visited state of your life, isn’t it? Aú Naturál.

Mimicking your body’s most natural state in breathing is refining your body’s equilibrium…

Think about your body healing at 80% efficiency, 80% of the time as opposed to the customary 20-30%.

As we align ourselves this week, through breathing; our most basic and repetitious expression of Faith & Love, we will grant our energy the perfect permission to align with these.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or simply blockages in your ability to move forward, this will absolutely aid your energy alignment & clear the muck.

I want to hear from you as it does 🙂.

For it is not the presence of Faith or Love, that is to be questioned or debated, but the degree to which we access these treasures to invest into the beauty of Life. ~Na-Asia E.

This Week: Be Congnizant of your breathing pattern. Reduce strained breathing by taking a couple of deep and intentional breaths in and out.

Practice Breathing Deeply With A Friend, Family Member, and/or Spouse. You can sit together, hold hands, or even hug as you do this. (Hugs R’ Us!)

As many times throughout the day that it takes to open the flow of Faith & Love.

At the end of the week (or during), write what changes you noticed, if you allowed any good news to pour into your life, or have any new perspectives to speak of.

Embrace & Enhance Faith & Love In Practice


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