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Finding Direcc

Volume 1.3 Radical Change Making 101

Radical Change

A Seemingly New conception of thought. Not being radical, and certainly not bringing about change, but Radical Change making in itself, as a concept does seem rather… “young” a topic.

Well, I thought about it and surely there are people who qualified as Radical Change Makers throughout time. People such as President Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman (a.k.a., Araminta “Minty” Ross), and Elon Musk (Founder of Tesla Motors), came to mind.

These three people changed the landscape of the United States of America and the world. Still somehow, when I think about President Lincoln speaking; “Four Score & Radical Change Making Years Ago…”, doesn’t seem like a phrase that he would connect with.

Heroine, Harriet Tubman, a woman who singlehandedly prevailed the underground railroad countless times and with cargo, to boot. In my wild imagination, I picture, her rifle, waving, raised to the air in her right hand and fist raised on the left. Blasting out the biggest, radical, almost ugly voice she can muster, she bellows “I’M A RADICAL CHANGE MAKER!”, laughs a boistrous, nearly hysterical, superior laugh, then disappears swiftly into the deep of the night. Wish that was in the history books, for sure. I have not found it to be so, however.

Elon Musk, one of the pioneers of technological advancement, environmental stewardship, and vehicle safety is a Radical Change Maker. Has he bellowed the proclamation into the night sky to affirm his mind and spirit of his existence and determination? I do not know, however, For Elon Musk…that may just occur (Specially if he reads this 🙃).

We now understand why radical change is so powerful, but it is indeed, new to our minds and thought processes.

So, since, we are indeed, dealing with a “young” concept, do you mind if we use our “young minds” for some time?

Excellent. Here is your youth mind elixer, freshly made…drink up!

The Young Elixer.jpg

Defining Change

Radical Change Making (as I define it) is the application of knowledge, talents, and abilities to effect virtually irreversible transformation of a situation, circumstance, condition, and/or paradigm that positively revamps human interaction and perceived limitations, at any level.

At. Any. Level.

The youth mind elixer should be activated by now…do you feel it?



Let’s Explore.

Radically Change With Me

Now, Is there anything you ever wanted and/or desire now to radically change for better?

Write It Down Now.

Do you really desire to change it? Write only what truly makes a difference for you.


For that situation, what does your radical change made scenario look like?

Write it down. Include time, locations, persons of interest (POI) and the juicy stuff. I’ll wait here.


Now, write all of the reasons you have not facilitated, seen, or heard of the change occurring. I Will Wait.

For each of the reasons change has not occurred, write what you believe can occur to see fruition of your Radical Vision. If you believe you can personally facilitate any of these, make note of it. This may take a while. I’ll be right here waiting.


Did you complete your assignment? You didn’t just keep scrolling, did you? If you did… scroll back up and complete the assignment…😁


We’re Good Now, I Can Feel It! Did You Complete It???

You Just Created Radical Change

Change begins in the mind of one. That is a paradigm shift.

Regardless of, if you continue on this absolutely fantastic journey with me, you now are the founder and guarantor of radical change.

Congratulations Enterpriser.

The information you have written is activated, actionable, chargeable, and it is valuable. If you are unable to be the active facilitator of the scenario, you are able to forward your plan items to a capably equipped party. Sometimes, that is the catalyst that propels unstoppable change.


Well, I am feeling pretty amazing, so let’s get a little dirtier, shall we?

Is it possible to totally, completely, firmly, and radically change the course, track, and/or flow of a person’s life?

Unquestionably So.

Similar feats require similar actions and you have the recipe.

Go Get Em Tiger!

Here is the totally amazing, almost unbelievable, radically awesome, should’ve told you sooner thing about this change. It only requires our own willingness and initiative to put forth the proper action to indeed and actually, be radically changed. Boom. Too Good.

So, since you are 100, 1000%, totally capable of creating the level of change that qualifies as Radical, will you?

Oh, I almost forgot…

Adult Mind Return!

Adult Mind


since you are…you are 100%… you are 1000%, totally capable of creating the level of change that qualifies as Radical, will you?

Good. The groundwork has been laid and you can be a beacon for another person. This movement is not about being president, a woman called Moses, or inventing the only apocalypse survival vehicle known to man (I need a Tesla Action Movie…🤔). It is simply a degree of change you can be proud to own. Like the newsletter you read today, from yours truly. My deposit into the cosmic radical change depository. I hope you have received the transformational actualization it was designed to conjure.

Before We Go, and you either flee to your corner of this world or return to me like the Prodigal Son, I have a tiny request.

Could We… One Time… For Our Great American Heroine Harriet Tubman, her quest for freedom, and countless heroes of history, Give Honor & Raise Our Fists (…and rifles??) To The Air and with the biggest, radical, almost ugly voice we can muster, bellow:

I’m A Radical Change Maker!

Because That You Are Indeed. I told you this was gonna be good.

Radical Change Made

Sky Streams.jpg

This week, write if you noticed any changes, allowed good news to pour into your life, or have any new perspectives to speak of, and know that You Are Of Power, Love, & Sound Mind. Now, You Are A Change Maker.

Our Chief Want Is Someone Who Will Inspire Us To Be What We Know We Could Be – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have A Lifting, Inspiring, Freeing, & Empowering Week To You All!

Thank you for journeying with me.

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