The Enrichment Weekly: Volume 1. 2 Freedom To Be Part One

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 Volume 1.2 Freedom To Be: Part One

I Charge You Today

I Charge Your Mind

Your Heart

Your Spirit & Consciousness

I charge your existing paradigm of thought to see things differently than you have, and as things are.

I charge the panoramic view of everything you have, desire to, and plan to experience.


Indulge me for a minute with a… Coach’s Indulgence, and let’s say that, what you currently know is a mirage.

Let’s say that you had the ability to design freedom from the bottom up. 

From scratch.

What then, might it look like? (General & overall definition intact)

Let’s Begin With The Building Blocks Of Freedom, Which Are:

Sound Mind



The three spirits given in creation as blueprinted in 2 Timothy 1:7 KJV.

Three spirits:

1. Power

2. Love

3. Sound Mind

What is Power? 

The might & will to accomplish.

What is Love? 

Some inexplicable esoteric concept unbeknownst to anyone, any place, or anything?


Love is the act and instict to cherish.

(Applications of truth)

What is a Sound Mind?

The ability and capacity of our consciousness & thoughts to behave, be developed & remain completely coherent. That which, negative spirits attack first & foremost.

Perhaps the most crucial note becomes; without a sound mind, power and love are at risk of misuse, betrayal, and even relinquishment.

Without a sound mind, our very Creation Would Be At Risk!

Thank You For A Sound Mind

Heavenly Road

So, have you renewed your Spiritual Subscriptions?

Like any spirit, The Foundational Three, require strengthening & renewal.

Most individuals strengthen their spirit with the energy around them…

Across from them…

& Beneath them.

What would happen if you ventured to the source of these spirits?

What if we submitted to the kind of strength intended for these spirits?

If, instead of calibrating our compass to express how the world defines, promotes, and expects us to operate these three spirits, we submit & apply The Divine Intentions Of The Powerful & Loving Creator Of Heaven & Earth.

Elevate To Our Gifted Representation Instead Of Spreading A Lateral Representation.

If You Accept This Charge, Take The Week To Welcome & Connect To:

The Spirit Of Power

The Spirit Of Love

The Spirit Of Sound Mind

From It’s Divine Source

To Submit & Ask, Not Why, But How The Most High Prefers Representation Of These Spirits Expressed In You.

Begin The Journey To Divine Power, Divine Love, & Divinely Sound Mind.

The Building Blocks Of Freedom

At the end of the week, write if you noticed any changes, allowed good news to pour into your life, or have any new perspectives to speak of, and know that You Are Of Power, Love, & Sound Mind. You Are Cherished.

For Scriptural References & Additional Reading On The Inspiration Of The Freedom To Be Series, See Isaiah 60 KJV (60 Yeshayahu TNK)

Have A Lifting, Inspiring, Freeing, & Empowering Week To You All!

In Solidary,

Na-Asia E.

Founder & CEO

L. I. F. E. Enterprises

Lifting, Inspiring, Freeing, & Empowering. Cultivating Ambassadors Of Self Enterprise Universally |

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