The Enrichment Weekly: Volume 1.1 Lifting & Empowering To Cherish

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Volume 1.1 Lifting & Empowering To Cherish

To Cherish:

To hold something dear. To hold something close. To hold a person, place, or thing, in the highest overall and/or environmental esteem.

Yes, you can even cherish something on a part-time basis. Though it may seem odd. Some things only require our attention on a part-time basis. Some things are sustainable, even when we forget about them. Even when we only cherish on a part-time basis.

Countering the trick of the ego, is knowing what we do and should cherish, and whether we are giving the proper attention, care, and respect to the entity in question.

Subsequently, when we hold a person, place, or thing, in high esteem, our energy and our level of attention inherently uplifts and empowers that person, place, or thing… As it is our natural inclination to see the things we cherish, do well.

For example; When we see someone we hold in high esteem, versus encountering a person we do not. High esteem compels us, in most cases, to embrace warmly, offer kind words, gestures, and maintain a positive, rewarding relationship.

What happens when we see (or think of) a person we do not hold in high esteem? There is much dismissive regard, semi or inexistent kind words, and unkempt notations of whether the relationship is thriving or crashing to destruction.

A Trick Of The Ego.


Why Is This A Trick Of The Ego?

Well, My Enterpriser… Ego tells us to like or not to like someone, something, or some place. Ego is where expectations and our perception of failed expectations exists. Be it our own, or someone else’s.

Our ego is where we recess our expectations of how well or how unwell, we or someone else is performing. If our ego is fed, then it’s safe to say…things are going well. When our ego is deprived, (because we hold so much of our expectation and self worth on the plumpness of our ego) anger, rage, neglect, desperation, and even depression can occur.


Finding Grace In The Cherished Things

When we cherish more, that is, when we hold in high esteem, we allow our ego to recess.

For example; visiting a new pace we’ve heard about…meeting a person of great influence. The level to which we cherish them, is the level to which we withhold ego to enjoy the experience of the person, place, or thing. Relaxing our perceived failures for a more unconditional experience.

The Most Beautiful Example Of This: Unconditional Love

How much are you Loved by The Creator…how cherished are you?

How much of this love is defined by Ego? The answer is, it isn’t. Ego has no presence within the bounds of love, which is boundless. You are cherished, no matter the moment, place, circumstance, or elevation. You Are Cherished.

When we remember that we are, in fact, cherished beings, it becomes easy to cherish others. It becomes simple to know that each, is an important creation, just as you are. That We Are Cherished.

This Week: Repeat To Yourself Each Morning: I Will Cherish.

Add any items, places, or persons needing more appreciating: I Will Cherish…

As many times throughout the day that it takes to say: I Will Cherish.

Make a point to cherish every aspect of your life. At the end of the week, write if you noticed any changes, allowed good news to pour into your life, or have any new perspectives to speak of, and know that You Are Cherished.

I Will Cherish All

Have A Lifting, Inspiring Freeing, & Empowering Week To You All!

In Solidary,

Na-Asia E.

Founder & CEO

L. I. F. E. Enterprises

Lifting Inspiring Freeing Empowering, Cultivating Ambassadors Of Self Enterprise Universally |

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