The Cashflow Quadrant

Have You Heard Of The Cashflow Quadrant?


This characteristically fundamental concept has been one of the most influential concepts to individuals looking to understand and acquire success.

The Cashflow Quadrant, as a foundational concept, was invented by multi-millionaire and world renowned author Robert Kiyosaki and is dutifully detailed in his book Cashflow Quadrant: Guide To Financial Freedom, an installment on his Rich Dad Series.

In this book, Mr. Kiyosaki details the four ways of earning income. See an example of the Cashflow Quadrant that I obtained from Pinterest below:


The left hand side of the quadrant, which is the active side of income earning, contains 95% of the population. “Active” indicates actively trading time, in exchange for dollars. This is also called “Linear Income”. The right hand side, the passive side of income earning, contains only five percent of the population. This is also indicated as “Leveraged Income”. Contrary to the phrase “strength in numbers”, this side of the quadrant controls 95% of wealth distributed. While the former controls only five percent.

Na-Asia, why’s is this so important?

Well, my friend, it’s important because we need to know exactly how wealth is obtained and distributed. This information is vital as we set our goals and benchmarks so that we can remain realistic in our expectations and take the necessary actions to meet our goals, if we are indeed, set on them. It doesn’t really make sense to aspire to be within the fifth percentile if we are on the wrong side of the quadrant entirely, right? Glad we agree.

As we grow together you will learn why I am such a proponent of entrepreneurship and leveraged income, essentially the right side of the cashflow Quadrant. It is the very basis for what I do, actually.


Seriously! The reason is, when most people seek to improve their lives, 80% of the time or greater, financial status is attached to the ambition. More money=more ability to have better things in life=more pleasure=happier people=better world, yada yada yada, you get it! It’s full circle! The problem is most people are terrified of the right hand side of the quadrant…within good reason.

That my friend, is where I come in! Identifying the reservations and fears you have about failure so we can conquer them and thrive, obtaining the things we actually desire to have in life. Which are More Time, More Freedom, & Better Lives! You can achieve it! It’s about honing in on your abilities and driving the goal in the right direction! It takes a plan, and we can create one.

Let’s Embark On A Journey!



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